What's the theme? Who will we pick? How will we score?



Rack your brain, do some research... then send your picks to oldergoaler or post them in the MLS Fantasy Boss chatroom. Help us to a good score this week!



Watch @oldergoaler on Twitter and the hashtag #MLSTHEMETEAM for announcements, banter and results, and view the active team at our MLS Fantasy account.


week 1 • "TBA" • xx pts

week 2 • "TBA" • xx pts

week 3 • "TBA" • xx pts

week 4 • "TBA" • xx pts

week 5 • "TBA" • xx pts


Join the top MLS Fantasy players as they train their brains and have some laughs, while teaming up to tackle a weekly player selection challenge. MLSTHEMETEAM is now in its second season as a unique, collaborative and interactive way to enjoy MLS Fantasy.



There is a single MLSTHEMETEAM account, looking to score the highest number of points within the restraints of a weekly chosen theme and current budget. If enough players can't be selected to fit the theme, "non-playing scrubs" will fill the remaining slots. Some favourite themes may be repeated during the season.



The next theme will be announced on Twitter @oldergoaler at the end of every MLS Fantasy game week, Contribute your ideas for player selections, or join the interactive discussion in the MLS Fantasy Boss chatroom. Before the deadline, oldergoaler and the chatroom regulars will take those ideas and submit a final squad in the MLSTHEMETEAM account. Follow along during the games to see if we stick with our lineup, or use more of your suggestions on the fly to take advantage of MLS Fantasy's new "rolling transfer" deadlines.



Have fun. Spark conversation. By the end of the season, you'll become a more knowledgeable MLS fan, and likely a better MLS Fantasy player.



You can expect a couple of silly ones, but most themes will be skill-testing challenges based on aspects of the MLS Fantasy game itself (eg. form, value, player history, etc.). You might even need to do some research. Themes like these might pop up:

Play The Kids – only select players under the age of 23

Founders – only select players from the 9 original MLS clubs

Hair Force – only select players with the best / worst / most unusual hairstyles (a favourite silly theme from our 2017 trial)

Journeymen – only select players who have played for 3 or more different MLS clubs