MLSFANTASY4KIDZ homework, on the train to see Toronto FC in 2017. That season turned out just fine.  ★

MLSFANTASY4KIDZ homework, on the train to see Toronto FC in 2017. That season turned out just fine.



Watch @oldergoaler on Twitter and the hashtag #MLSFANTASY4KIDZ for annoucements and updates.



2016 • 8 kidz • Open: Cormac • H2H: Cormac

2017 • 18 kidz • Open: Eli • H2H: Eli

2018 Spring • 15 kidz • Open: Jack • H2H: Jack

2018 Fall • 15 kidz • Open: Jack • H2H: Jack

2019 Spring • xx kidz • Open: xxxxx • H2H: xxxxx

2019 Fall • xx kidz • Open: xxxxx • H2H: xxxxx



Motivate oldergoaler to create and maintain these projects, and help keep this site online.


Now in its fourth season, MLSFANTASY4KIDZ is a private MLS Fantasy league dedicated to growing the next generation of knowledgeable MLS fans.

Kidz age 8 to 13 learn about MLS and its players, by playing under the supervision of their parents. The kidz also learn a lot about soccer, decision making, some math and geography, and the value of $0.1 million dollars.



MLS states that MLS Fantasy is “not available to persons under the age of 13” and that you must be “at least the age of majority” to be eligible to win prizes. Knowing the rules, but eager to use the game as a teaching tool for youngergoaler, MLSFANTASY4KIDZ was created in 2016.



MLSFANTASY4KIDZ began with a private, season-long Classic (now known as Open) league with 8 kidz from around North America. Half way through the season, a private Head To Head (H2H) league was added so that each week the kidz had the opportunity to compete and win. In our second year, 18 kidz took part.



These leagues are only open to kids age 8-13. The league is administered by youngergoaler's account, so no adults take part in the competition.



1. Parents should contact oldergoaler for our top secret league entry codes.

2. Parents should include their name, email address (and Twitter handle if they have one) and their kidz age. All communication will be done through parents.

3. Register your kidz for an MLS Fantasy account and send oldergoaler their account name (yes kidz can use a bogus or silly name for privacy) as well as their team name. For example, in our first year the account "youngergoaler" ran the team "Max Banana".

4. Finally, parents should send in their country, state/province and city, as it's fun for the kidz to see where we all are located. Privacy will always be respected.



Our kidz aren’t eligible to win prizes, but at the end of the season each parent is encouraged to find an MLS-related gift to reward their kidz for all their effort. A box of MLS trading cards has been a great choice in the past.



We still have unlimited transfers each week, but parents should alert their kidz to some important rule changes.

Smarter Bench – Known as "best ball" in other fantasy sports, the highest scoring bench player will sub into your lineup if necessary. The order of bench players is no longer important.

More Flexible Transfers – Perhaps more tricky for the kidz to manage, lineups will no longer completely lock when the first game kicks off. Instead, you can sub and transfer players in-and-out, as long as those players have not started their particular game. This means watching for lineup announcements (60 mins before each kickoff) is an added element to the game.

If you don't have the time or interest level to keep on top of lineups... just use a good bench and you'll be covered!

Finally, MLS Fantasy has introduced a chat option for each league. As an experiment, this private chat will be active just for the MLSFANTASY4KIDZ Open League. Oldergoaler will keep watch over this. Parents should discuss with their kidz whether leaving some pen-pal "notes" for each other would be a good idea, and of course monitor their use.