The MLS Fantasy community has created some fantastic resources to help you master the game and become a more knowledgable fan. The websites in this collection are well worth a look.

The MLS Fantasy community has created some fantastic resources to help you master the game and become a more knowledgable fan. The websites in this collection are well worth a look.



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MLS Fantasy is all about choices. How do you select from all those players, clubs and matchups... every single week? Do you rely on coin-flipping or dart-throwing? Astrology perhaps? How about seeking up-to-date information from trusted sources? This list of essential links will help you there. Many in the MLS Fantasy Boss community find the following websites invaluable.



MLS Fantasy Game – The official MLS Fantasy game. Free to enter, create and join leagues.

Draft Kings – You don’t have to play for money. The daily fantasy giant often hosts free-to-play MLS contests, and lets you create private head-to-head free contests with friends.



MLS Official News – The latest updates on all the clubs and the league itself.
MLS Official Disciplinary Committee Report – Disco may be dead, but MLS DisCo is alive and well, reporting on suspensions and yellow card accumulation.
RotoWire MLS News – The latest MLS news, especially trades and player signings.



MLS Official Rosters – A full list of club rosters, including draft picks and various player designations.
RotoWire MLS Lineups – Starting lineups for MLS games, from one of the most trusted sources in fantasy sports.



MLS Official Injury Report – It might be a little slow to update, but it provides what it says on the tin.
MLS Injury News Twitter – If a player goes down, crowdsourcing ensures they go up here before anywhere else.
RotoWire MLS Injuries – A list of the latest MLS injuries, along with any details that are available and a forecast on player return dates.



MLS Official Schedule And Scores – A week-to-week fantasy game means you need to keep an eye on recent results and upcoming matchups.
MLS Fantasy Boss Schedule – The original season long MLS schedule chart, highlighting bye weeks, double game weeks and additional club competitions.



MLS Fantasy Boss 2018 Preview Articles – A huge collaborative effort from MLS Fantasy Boss contributors and guests, bringing together a wealth of informed opinions ahead of the latest season. Individual team previews can be found on the site.

MLS Fantasy Boss 2018 Primer – Another part of the MLS Fantasy Boss pre-season collaboration, resulting in a tidy package of stats and information on each MLS team. A great place to start for those new to MLS Fantasy, or anyone wanting a quick refresher. Follow the link to download the PDF file.

MLS Official Fantasy Advice Articles – Regular MLS Fantasy articles, featuring tips and strategies from official MLS Fantasy contributors.
SB Nation MLS Fantasy Articles – Weekly previews and post-week roundups focusing on MLS Fantasy, from some of the SB Nation MLS club blogs.



United States – Alongside weekly ESPN, Fox and Univision coverage, ESPN+ continues their streaming rights for MLS games. ($4.99/month USD)

Canada – Alongside weekly TSN coverage of Canadian team games, DAZN has picked up the streaming rights for MLS in Canada. ($20/month CAD or $150/year).

Regional – A full list of MLS broadcasters can be found here, including smaller regional broadcasters. For example, Montreal games air on Quebec’s French language TVA Sports channel. Beyond TV, a handful of teams have separate streaming deals with YouTubeTV (LAFC, Orlando, Seattle), while DC United will use FloFC.



MLS Official Statistics – Regular articles and arguments from a statistical point of view, including the addition of expected goals (xG).

MLS Fantasy Boss 2017 Stats – An Excel spreadsheet of last season's important stats for every MLS player, plus some custom calculations not available in the MLS Fantasy game. Follow the link to download the XLS file.
American Soccer Analysis – Stats-focused season preview articles and advanced statistics tables, including expected goals (xG) for clubs, individual players and goalkeepers.

WhoScored MLS – Powered by Opta, this is the MLS page for the largest online source for live soccer scores, statistics and ratings. Rich player details, game previews and a player comparison tool round out this incredibly deep resource.

StatsZone – Also powered by Opta, this site and recently relaunched companion mobile app offers FourFourTwo's spin on soccer data (including MLS), including straightforward visualizations and a popular "chalkboard" feature.



Fantasy MLS Reddit (r/FantasyMLS) – Community-based news and opinions specific to MLS Fantasy.
MLS Reddit (r/MLS) – Community-based news and opinions about MLS in general and soccer in North America.



MLS Fantasy Insider Podcast – The weekly MLS Fantasy podcast that reviews the previous week, answers questions from the r/FantasyMLS community and covers the hot topics in MLS Fantasy.
RotoWire Fantasy Soccer Podcast – MLS and MLS Fantasy coverage (as well as Premier League) from top RotoWire contributors.


BitNomad’s MLS Fantasy Twitter List – A great collection of Twitter accounts from @BitNomad that spans MLS clubs, MLS Fantasy experts, stats gurus and beat reporters who spend time at club press conferences and training.



MLS Cheatsheet – Various tools including match odds, weather reports and unique head-to-head player comparison and player optimizer tools. Currently updating for the 2018 season.
MLS Betting Odds – A week-to-week MLS Fantasy game means odds sites like this are an important tool to gauge matchups and trends.

The Modern Switcheroo – The "autoroo" has replaced the "switcheroo". Wrap your head around the possibilities offered by the most advanced MLS Fantasy strategy yet.



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